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Urban Sketchers

Urban Sketchers

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The tourist spaces at the University of Coimbra are divided into three distinct visits: the Paço das Escolas, the Science Museum and the Botanical Garden.

This book intends to portray these spaces through a different and personalized look of several artists who accepted the challenge of transferring their reading of a visit to the University of Coimbra to drawing. They are indisputable works of art that take us on a guided tour through more than 7 centuries of history. Many thanks to all the artists who accepted the challenge we made them.

You, dear reader, let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of these works and by the magic of one of the most historic institutions in all of Europe. (Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor Luis Filipe Menezes).

Authors : Fernanda Lamelas João Abel Mota Paulo Mendes Pedro Alves Pedro Loureiro Suzana Nobre

Cover and back cover : João Abel Mota | Design : Helena Nunes | Word and Rhymes, Ltd.

Printing : Domingos Oliveira Araújo, Lda | 1st Edition July 2018

ISBN: 978-989-764-297-5

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