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University of Coimbra - Quadrilingue

University of Coimbra - Quadrilingue

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The University of Coimbra has a long history that has influenced the world. An important part of Nautical Science was developed there, which allowed for the discoveries, and it was also there that decisive traits for the formation of Brazil were written.

The construction and study of the Portuguese language had the University of Coimbra as its cradle and its reference school for seven centuries.

The buildings are also steeped in history, as part of the University is housed in the royal palace where the kings of the first dynasty of Portugal were born, and where the famous courts of 1385 met, which, through the power of the word of Professor João das Regras, gave rise to second dynasty of Portugal.

Texts : Luís Reis Torgal Pedro Dias | Translators : French - Arnaud Lantoine English - Isabel Pedro dos Santps German - Célia Cordeiro

Review : Portuguese - Graça Pericão French - Alliance Française de Coimbra English - Sheena Caldwell German - Agnes Sedlmayr

Edition : UC Press | Design : António Barros | Infographics : Carlos Costa

Printing and Finishing : Rainho e Neves | Photographers : Delfim Ferreira João Armando Ribeiro José Pessoa José Pinto Paulo Magalhães Varela Pècurto

ISBN: 9789892609041

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