Children's Book Coimbra

Children's Book Coimbra

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"Coimbra" is an illustrated itinerary. A fun journey through the city, made by two friends from Alta to Baixa, Inês and Pedro, two very curious boys, go through some of the most important points of the city, cross the Mondego River and end the tour with a lot of history and fun.

In Coimbra they discover stories, legends, streets, spaces and some curious facts that make them miss this city in central Portugal, where they hope to return one day.

"Coimbra" is an illustrated tour guide. It tells the story of an interesting trip taken through the city by two friends. From the Alta to the Baixa , two curious children, Inês and Pedro, go on a tour of some of the most important parts of the city, cross the Mondego River and end their fascinating day trip with lots of history and fun!

In Coimbra, they discover history and legends, explore the streets and interesting places and learn some remarkable facts, all of which leaves them with a yearning to return onde day to this fascinating city in the heart of Portugal.

Texts : Inês Montalvão Prazeres | Proofreading : Sofia Vaz Serra

Translation : Allison Wright | Translation review : David Oliveira and Helena Mourão

Illustrations : Inês Montalvão Prazeres Sofia Vaz Serra | Design : IP Graphic Design, Lda

ISBN : 978-989-99548-3-0

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