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Tiled Scarf

Tiled Scarf

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Scarf with an image of the tiles in the Chapel of S. Miguel. 100% Modal. 180 x 70 cm.

Description on the packaging:

"The Chapel of the University of Coimbra - Capela de São Miguel - dates back to the 16th century, probably built over an old chapel from the 12th century, in the Manueline style. The current building is the result of works directed by Marcos Pires and finished by Diogo de Castilho The chapel underwent minor renovations in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Royal Chapel dedicated to São Miguel was the headquarters of the Brotherhood of teachers and students under the invocation of Nossa Senhora da Lus. Its architectural structure is Manueline, the decorative style visible in the huge windows in the central nave and in the cross arch."

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