Gift Card Conditions

UC Store Gift Card
The Gift Card referred to in these Terms and Conditions of Use is issued and owned by the University of Coimbra, a public higher education institution, registered in Portugal, with its registered office located at Paço das Escolas, 3004-531, Coimbra, Portugal and registered under the corporate identification number 501 617 582, which can be contacted via email:
This Gift Card is valid exclusively for the purchase of products in the online store:
The Gift Card can be purchased exclusively at using any payment method accepted at The Gift Card cannot be purchased using another Gift Card.
After purchasing the Gift Card, there will be no refunds.
The Gift Card balance cannot be refunded or refunded in cash.
If the purchase price exceeds the balance available on the Gift Card, the difference can be paid using any of the other payment methods accepted at
The Gift Card purchased at is valid for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. Once the period has expired, the Gift Card cannot be renewed, used to purchase items, nor can the unused balance be claimed.
The Gift Card is a bearer document. Its bearer is solely responsible for its use and custody. LojaUC does not replace the Gift Card in case of theft, loss, misplacement or deterioration.
After acquiring the Gift Card, the UC Store cannot be held responsible for non-receipt or delay in receiving the Card by its recipient for reasons beyond the control of the UC Store, including, among others, (i) deficiencies or interruption of communication lines, (ii) the delay in the transmission of data information or the loss of information or data that may occur in the situations foreseen in (i), (iii) the inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the Virtual Card provided by the buyer of that Card, (iv) the impossibility of delivering the Card to the email address provided or (v) the email sent by the UC Store being considered as Spam or unwanted mail.
Gift Cards originally obtained illegally will be null and void and cannot be used to purchase goods and their value will not be refunded.
The Gift Card cannot be used for advertising purposes or to promote products or services sold by third parties outside the issuer of the Gift Card, unless prior written authorization is given by the Gift Card.
The acquisition and/or use of the Gift Card constitutes knowledge and acceptance of the respective general conditions that were delivered at the time of acquisition of the Gift Card at